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Due to the unforeseeable outbreak of COVID- 19 Coronavirus, thousands of people are left with no choice but to work from home. For many of us, this is a new experience.

Working from home is a lot harder than many people believe. You need to keep yourself motivated, ensure you are working your contracted hours and keep from getting distracted at home. So, we pulled together this list to help you out with some basic guidelines.

  1. Create your new morning routine: Working from home means that you’re cutting out your usual commute time. Use this extra time for an extra-long shower, bath or exercise.

  • Rules: If there are other people in your home such as parents, children or your partner, you need to set rules. For example, no children running around screaming while you’re working!

  • Schedule breaks: The average person cannot work for 8 hours straight. Give yourself a break. You could try the Pomodoro method which consists of taking a 5-minute break after 25 minutes of work.

  • Maintain regular hours: Just because you are working from home does not mean you should sleep in! Work your regular hours, give yourself extra breaks if needed but ensure you are available within your contracted hours.

  • Dedicated Space: You need a dedicated place to work; working from your sofa is hard. Try to work at the kitchen table if a desk is unavailable. There are some good tips for this here.

  • Social Media: Unless your job requires you to engage with social media, turn it off. If you use social media for messaging, check the settings of your phone and set notifications to “messages only.”

  • Get Dressed: You may be tempted to stay in your nightwear but getting dressed for work will make you feel better about yourself. The mental association you make between the office and home can make you more productive. Dress like you are walking into the office.

  • Fresh Air: Due to Covid-19 many people are self-isolating so going to the gym or socialising is not possible. Walk around in your garden or open the window for 10 minutes and let the fresh air circulate in your home.

  • Speak with your employer: Are you struggling to get your work done through the day? Many of us work better at night, so you may be able to switch your hours from day to night. As long as the work gets done, most employers do not mind. If you are a night person who has to work primarily in the day, have a look at this.


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