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Tide is a financial services hub that wields the power of a highly qualified and industry-diversified network in order to create beautiful solutions for everyone. From Tax Reliefs through to alternative Lending Products and Economic Crime Investigations. We specialise in helping businesses achieve more, financially.


What Would Your Business Do With Extra Cash?

Tide helps businesses increase their cash flow by managing their applications for various government funds and opportunities, as well as offering alternate loan solutions. Did you know: 

  • SMEs can reclaim up to 33p for every £1 spent on R&D with the R&D tax relief
  • Alternate lending solutions help you bypass complicated bank paperwork and high interest rates.
  • The UK government regularly opens applications for business grants across a broad range of industries and activities.

Funding Your Next Innovation: R&D Tax Relief

scientist and the result of research

The R&D tax relief is a Government initiative which encourages companies to invest in their R&D activities.

It may come as a surprise to you, but it’s not just for the science and technology sectors. Eligible industries include: Food & Drink, Renewable Energy, FinTech and so many more. 

This tax relief allows businesses to claim a ‘super’ tax deduction where they are undertaking R&D activities. If a company is loss-making, it can also claim a tax repayment from HMRC.


scientist and the result of research

Why Turn To Tide?

We are a fantastic contradiction. Highly professional, yet we disrupt Financial Services by empowering businesses of all sizes and sectors to get the most from their Tax Reliefs and apply for UK Government Grants, while supporting them with alternate Lending Products and steering clear of HMRC investigation. Uniting innovative businesses with industry-specific specialists, Tide ensure that you and your accountant maximise value. We have exclusive access to expert solutions for R&D, Capital Allowances, Land Remediation and other emerging HMRC Tax Reliefs, together with a panel of approved Lenders and Counter-Fraud intelligence.